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Debt Management Company

A Debt Management Company not only provides debt advice but also debt solutions to assist you in becoming debt free. Debt management companies offer debt management and also other debt solutions like IVA’s, Bankruptcy and Debt Consolidation.


Clark Richards – Debt Management Company


Clark Richards is a debt advice specialist that offers debt management. We have helped thousands of people with a debt management plan and currently manage over £52 million worth of unsecured debt for our existing debt management clients.


Debt Advice from a Debt Management Company


The staff and advisors at Clark Richards pride themselves on the level of debt advice and client support they provide. Each and every member of staff is trained to the highest standard to ensure that you are in safe hands at every stage.

Unlike many debt management companies, Clark Richards is happy to speak to you about any debt type and offer advice wherever we can. So no matter how much debt you have we will always try to offer you debt advice that will leave you in a better financial position.


Is Debt Management right for you?


A debt management plan is only a suitable debt solution if you have money available to pay to your creditors after all your household and living expenses. One of our first objectives when providing you with debt advice would be to work exactly what you could realistically afford to pay to your creditors. Don’t worry if you feel that the amount you could afford to pay towards your debts is not a large amount, anywhere up to an 80% reduction in what you had originally been paying towards your debt could be acceptable. For more information and for your options explained please read ‘In Debt? Dealing With Your Creditors’ from The Insolvency Service. In addition, for information on where to go for free debt advice, visit the Money Advice Service.


How to get started with a Debt Management Plan


If you feel that a debt management plan would best suit your circumstances and you would like to speak to one of our experienced advisors about how we can help with your debt then please get in touch today. You can call Freephone on 0800 988 3359 or if calling from a mobile please call 01625 506 070. You can also complete our simple 60 second Debt Advice Form by clicking the button below…



  • You pay what you can afford towards the plan in one monthly, fortnightly or weekly payment.
  • Once on debt management your creditors sometimes agree to freeze your interest and charges for the term of the plan. Your payment goes towards the debt, rather than further interest.
  • You no longer have to negotiate with your creditors yourself and, when required, Clark Richards will advise and assist you with any letters and calls you might receive.
  • Clark Richards will encourage your creditors to contact us directly. This will often reduce the number of calls and letters you receive. If however you do get communication from your creditors while on our debt management plan, you can simply contact your dedicated account manager who will advise as to the best course of action.



  • Some of your creditors may still contact you, but we will offer support and advice every step of the way.
  • Most creditors will see that you’re repaying and agree to stop interest and charges as a gesture of goodwill, but it is important to remember that we cannot guarantee that this will be the case for all of your debts.
  • As you’re making reduced payments your credit rating may be affected in the medium to long term. The plan may reduce your monthly repayments to make them affordable although it may mean you will pay more in total.
  • If you are only making a small monthly payment and have a high level of debt, it could take several years to clear your debt with Debt Management. If this is the case, Clark Richards will look to recommend an alternative solution to help you with our debts.

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