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If you are struggling with a debt problem and want to find out some more about the Debt Solutions available then get in touch today. Our experienced, expert debt advisors will
go through all the options available. There is No Obligation and any information discussed
will be kept in the strictest confidence. We have already helped thousands of people with
their debt problems; why not let us help you to? Click "Expert Debt Advice" for advice today.

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If you think you might have a debt problem then act now. The longer you struggle with your debts the harder it will be to get your debt problem under control. Click here to read our online advice, helping you to recognise a debt problem and when best to seek expert debt advice. Remember, Clark Richards has helped thousands of people with their debt problems. We are sure we can help you as well. So get in touch today and relieve the stress of debts.

When To Seek Debt Advice

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In our free online debt help section we have provided you with a detailed explanation of the debt solutions available throughout the UK. So if you are interested in a specific debt solution such as Debt Management or an IVA or maybe you want to find out more about some of the more complex solutions like Bankruptcy or Debt Relief Orders then click below to read more...

Online Debt Help

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Not only can Clark Richards help you get debt free but we are also committed to ensuring you making the most of your income. That is why we have put together a money saving section on our website. This section explains ways to ensure you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to and also great ways to reduce your household bills.

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Within our Client Centre you can find useful information with regards to our debt solutions and related services. There is a detailed FAQ section, a full breakdown of our terms of business, access to obtaining your credit report, information on Basic Bank Accounts and much more.

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Debt Management Plans

debt management plans

Only pay what YOU can afford. Stop calls and letters and let someone else deal with your debts.

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Debt Management Plans


individual voluntary arrangement

You may qualify to write off up to 70% of you debt with an IVA.
Debt free in 5 years and keep your assets.

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Debt Management Plans

consolidation loans

If you are a homeowner you might be able to re-mortgage your property and release money to clear debts.

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Debt Management Plans

bankruptcy advice

If you are looking for advice and assistance in declaring yourself bankrupt then we can help.

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Debt Advice

Clark Richards specialise in offering expert debt advice, debt management and other debt solutions to people struggling to repay their debts. We understand just how easily a debt problem can affect every part of your day to day life and spiral out of control.

It is a very stressful time, made worse by many letters demanding an unaffordable payment, calls threatening further action, and in some cases that dreaded knock at the door from a bailiff looking to remove goods.

Clark Richards offer expert debt advice and can recommend a solution which will help you get back in control of your debt problem.

Clark Richards also provide a wide range of debt solutions and would usually be able to set up any solution, including debt management, within a single phone call.

So if debt is a problem in your life, the answer is simple, pick up the phone and call Clark Richards today for free on 0800 988 3359 or complete our quick and easy Debt Advice Form.

For more information and for your options explained please read In Debt? Dealing with your creditors from The Insolvency Service. In addition, for information on where to go for free debt advice, visit the Money Advice Service.

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Debt Management

A Debt Management Plan is a great way of clearing your unsecured debt in a simple and effective way. Debt management could turn all your loans, credit cards, store cards & outstanding overdrafts in one single repayment.

When using one of our debt management services an advisor will consider your priority debts, which include mortgage or rent payments, utilities, living expenses and council tax; they will then calculate an amount you can afford to pay towards your unsecured debts. Any money left over is put together into a single monthly payment and shared out amongst all your creditors on a pro-rata basis.

Once your debts are in a debt management plan, letters and calls will reduce, interest and charges could be frozen and you will be able to repay your debts at an amount you can afford.

Benefits of Debt Management:

Although debt management will make your debt repayments more affordable it is important to understand that the less you pay towards your debt the longer it will take for the debt to be repaid.

IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement)

An IVA is a debt solution that allows you to become debt free in just 5 years. You could also benefit in a reduction in your debt level, sometimes as high as 70%!

Unlike debt management, it will provide you with legal protection from your creditors and once the IVA is accepted there will be no further interest and charges applied to your debts.

Benefits of an IVA:

An IVA like most debt solutions will have an effect on your credit profile. You must carefully consider your options when looking at a debt solution. It is always recommended that you get debt advice from a trained debt expert.


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Credit Card Debt Management

As a well established and reputable company that deals with the management of debt, we are on hand to offer a range of financial solutions that are aimed at freeing people from the stresses of debt. In a nutshell we are here to resolve people’s debt problems today, and if you make the wise decision to get in touch you’ll find us to be a professional and friendly organisation. In many cases people find themselves in debt through no fault of their own, which is why we will treat each case on its own merit and with the utmost respect. When establishing an appropriate credit debt management solution we are well aware that every client has their own set of circumstances and so they should feel confident of receiving a personalised service. One of our primary goals is customer satisfaction, and you can find out for yourself how other customers have felt about our service by reading the feedback of those that we have helped to save literally thousands of pounds. We specialise in offering debt advice to customers across the country from our offices in Cheshire and every month we help thousands of people to rid themselves of debt problems.

Free Yourself of Debt for Good

Regardless of individual’s circumstances, we have the necessary experience and knowhow to help you get out of any debt situation you currently find yourself in. We are confident at being able to provide the perfect debt advice and debt solution to your debt problem and ensure that you relieve yourself of the stresses of being in debt for good. We are in a position to give you expert advice about debt, and explain in clear and simple terms the best ways to get out of it. Our programs aimed at managing debt have helped thousands of people, and unlike certain other UK debt management companies our services extend to financial advisors going through your entire collection of debts, your expenditure and income to make sure that you have money left over after paying your bills to cover all living expenses. We will also speak to customers’ creditors on their behalf so they don’t have to, and once you sign up to one of our programs, we will deal with all the necessary paperwork and any payment demands. A dedicated department is in place to speak to creditors on a daily basis, which is why we have strong relationships with collections departments.

Impartial and Expert Advice

Anyone that is currently struggling with debt problems should be aware that there are many different debt solutions that can help them become debt free. We would suggest that as a first step you give us a call on our free phone number to get some excellent and impartial debt advice. In addition to giving great advice we specialize in the management of debt, bankruptcy advice, IVA solutions and assistance with filing for bankruptcy, so we have an array of skills to assist with many different debt problems. We have a smart debt calculator that we would urge visitors to the site to use, as if you need help with debt management then this will give you an idea what debt solution will best help you become free of debt. If you are keen to clear any of your unsecured debt in an effective and straightforward way then programmes that help people manage their debt are the way forward. In essence they turn all loans, store cards, credit cards and any outstanding overdrafts into a single, easy to manage, repayment. Once you use such a programme, an advisor will then calculate an affordable payment based on your priority debts such as mortgages.

Alternative Debt Solutions

Anyone that is of the opinion that the only solution to their debt problems is bankruptcy should think again, as there are alternative solutions to your struggles with debt repayments. With a plan that assists you to properly manage your debt you can reduce your debt repayments to ensure that the constant stream of nasty calls and letters stops and you have an affordable amount of money to pay each month. An added bonus is that any interest and charges on debts will be frozen with the aim of freeing yourself of debt as quickly as possible. An IVA debt management plan UK program is a decent alternative to bankruptcy if your debts are equal to or more than £15,000. Also known as an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, they are backed by government legislation so that if you decide to go down this route, you can attain a legally binding agreement with all of your creditors. The way it works is that over a fixed period of around five years, you pay back only what you can afford, and at the end of the agreed term, any remaining debt is written off for good, so you are left free of debt.

Putting People on the Right Track

Anyone that is having debt problems should get some balanced debt advice and help as soon as possible so that their level of debt doesn’t increase as a result of high interest rates and charges. We are helping many people rid themselves of debt in less than three years, so we would urge you to get in touch immediately to ensure you avoid being made bankrupt and your creditors taking any court action against you. People with debts of over one thousand pounds to two or more companies should consider a plan to manage their debt, and if you want to discuss this or get advice regarding credit card debt management, we would be delighted to hear from you. To qualify for this plan you will have to meet certain criteria, such as struggling with debt repayments, not having a debt that is severe enough to warrant bankruptcy, you have two or more debts, and that you can afford a sixty pound payment towards any unsecured debt each month. Anyone that meets such criteria should give us a call to have a no obligation informal chat with one of our experienced debt advisors, to see what steps can be taken.

Stop Struggling and Take Action

The major problem of amassing lots of unsecured debts is the vast amount of interest that has to be paid. By consolidating debts into a single low interest loan, people can save thousands of pounds in interest payments alone, whilst enjoying a much more manageable monthly repayment. Remortgage solutions are also worth considering if you have any money tied up in a property. Instead of struggling each month with debt repayments, you could release some equity from your home to help pay off some or all of your debts. By considering the array of debt management help UK that is available, you may well find that a remortgage will not only reduce your monthly debt repayments, but may even reduce your mortgage repayments with a positive change to the Bank of England’s base rate. Anyone facing debt should consider their options carefully and with our free debt advice we are sure you’ll come to the right decision. It can be a complex and time consuming situation trying to get on top of all your debts, which often come about by things outside of your control, so please utilise our services and set yourself on the road to a debt-free life.

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Information About Our Service & Fees

Although a large percentage of debt management cases result in interest & charges being frozen, it can’t be guaranteed. All initial advice is provided free of charge & there is no obligation to use one of the debt solutions we recommend. If, however a debt solution such as debt management is taken out, please be aware that fees will be charged – please read a full breakdown of our Terms of Business. We understand that charging fees to help you become debt free is not ideal, but we feel without charging a fee we would not be able to provide you with a quality service that will help you become debt free. We closely monitor other debt advice companies to ensure we remain one of the cheapest companies in the UK.

Please be aware that a debt solution may lead to an increase in the size of the sum to be repaid and may impair your credit rating and your ability to obtain credit in the future. You may be charged a fee if you decide to proceed with a debt solution. You should discuss any further fees or charges with the debt advisor that you are referred to. If you fail to maintain payments to an IVA you creditor may make you bankrupt. If you are a homeowner you may be asked to release equity in your property in order to repay your debts.

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